Weekly tarot forecast. Moving On


Strength. This week you are very motivated, you are advised to take a balanced approach when going after what you want, you may appear too forceful if you don’t.


6 of swords. Keep a cool head this week and don’t let a situation get the best of you, it’s better to just let things go, sometimes people won’t understand your point of view and it’s no use trying to explain, don’t let it affect you.


8 of cups. You may be feeling torn as to what your next step should be, let your inner self guide you, don’t fool yourself, just because it’s something you have known a while doesn’t mean it’s the best choice if it’s not fulfilling you anymore. Something better awaits you.


4 of coins. This week seems like you are holding back on something Cancer, why? Remember to let things flow, don’t become stagnant for fear of loss, embrace whatever comes your way.


3 of wands. Anticipation and excitement. You have been putting the work and effort and now you are seeing the results, but don’t get too comfortable yet, there’s still work to be done, keep the momentum.


6 of cups. Nostalgic, thinking of what was and what might have been, yes those were good times but now it’s in the past, don’t spend too much time daydreaming and start enjoying your reality, today you make new memories.


7 of cups. You may be facing a situation in which you feel you have too many options, but don’t be fooled, you need to differentiate between what you truly want and what is temptation.


2 of wands. Paths. Stop wondering and go for it Scorpio, whatever it is that you have been thinking about, it’s time to make your move, your about to make things happen.


Hanging Man. There is something that requires you to change your perspective, you’re not seeing the bigger picture, be patient with yourself.


Wheel. Lucky Capricorn, you got the good fortune, seek and you shall find, it’s time to go after what you want because luck is on your side, things are now changing for the better, especially in work related matters, soon you will be reaping he benefits.


2 of cups. Look at you, have you recently met someone special? You might this week, but this week take time to pamper yourself too, be good to yourself and those you come into contact with, it will be reciprocated .


Ace of wands. You are on fire Pisces, in the best way, you’re ready for it, whatever it is you say ‘bring it’ you’re motivated and so many ideas you don’t know where to start, take one step at a time or you might burn yourself out.

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