Valentine’s Day aka mid month tarotscopes


Wisdom comes from experience, when you apply the lessons learned into your present, when you choose to free yourself of anything that isn’t letting you move forward then you can experience true love. Don’t get stuck in the past. Choose you, not the past.


You are in a period of transformation, don’t deny yourself of this process by refusing change and stubbornly sticking to old ways of doing things or old ways of thinking even after you have clearly outgrown them, a caterpillar will never feel the freedom of flying if she refuses to transform herself as nature intended 🦋


You have been wishing for something to happen and now it’s about to, you are on the right path, you put in the hard work and it shows, you’re gonna get that offer you’ve been waiting for.


Stop trying to rush things, it may sound cliché but if it’s meant to be, it will be. Instead take a step back to get a clearer vision of what it is that u really want, don’t trip over your own feet trying to rush, if it’s right, it will be there when YOU are ready.


Have your fun but don’t be naive, show comradeship towards people you come across so as to not seem cold or standoffish, another motive would be that someone may be making a huge effort to approach you but doesn’t know how, be welcoming.


Seems as though you need to distract yourself Virgo, you are thinking negative thoughts and it’s not benefitting you, you may be thinking that things are worse than they are, instead go see your family and friends, let them tell you about what’s going on with them, that way you can focus on them and get out of your own head. People want your company.


Libra you have an admirer, you might be so busy going about your business that you haven’t noticed someone only has eyes for you, you two will have amazing conversation, pay attention.


Stop doubting and make your move, you have been through so much but you have been given another chance, now it’s up to you to make the most of it. Don’t stop going after what you want just because something didn’t work before. You have the capacity to make your dreams a reality.


Not all is lost, you may feel like you have no choice but to accept your fate, but that’s not the case, just open your eyes, and send that message, you’ve written it now send it. Communication is key. You will see that things will settle themselves once you do.


You might receive some news from someone that you did not expect, or from the person that you least expected, whomever it is you’re in for a surprise.


You might be entering a phase of growth and meeting someone who is very experienced and open to showing you the ropes, this is a circumstance that will open up opportunities and success.


Pisces your ready to get things off the ground, set that offer on the table and make it known, you’ve got the drive, passion and ambition to make it happen.

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