Weekly Collective Tarot Reading

Temperance/ The Emperor/ Knight of Swords

This week we are being advised to be more receptive, something may come up in which we will be tempted to react to something or someone, almost like a battle of egos; someone may want to demand something of you, it will be best if you keep calm, maybe offer alternatives that will still benefit the parties involved but will require that a little more effort is made on everyone’s part. Someone may actually be trying to tell you something but they are having a hard time expressing it and it may come out more blunt than they intended, it would help to just listen to what they have to say and avoid jumping to conclusions before they have had their chance to finish their sentence.

This could also just be yourself needing to acknowledge that sometimes you are too set in your way or idea of doing things and its time to mix things up a little bit to create a new way of seeing or doing things in your life moving forward.