Weekly Collective Tarot Reading

Queen of Swords/ Page of Wands/ The Star

This will be a week of achievement; it feels like we have been on a long journey of contemplation, reflection and waiting. We may have also been a bit detached from outside influences or distractions to be able to see from a broader perspective; remember that it is okay to be honest with yourself too as under the influence of the Queen of Swords we may also be building a wall around us to protect ourselves; but this also keeps us distant from those who may want to connect with us. This could be inviting you to let loose a bit more and see where this new point of view takes you.

Midweek we might feel overwhelmed with our decision; we might have had our heart set on a certain outcome but come to accept that its just not working out. Holding on to an idea or situation is just prolonging that which should have come to its end already, moving forward with more freedom in your heart and mind will actually lead you in to the peaceful and secure place you desire.