Weekly Collective Reading*Valentines Week

The Hierophant/ The Empress/ Queen of Wands

We may start the week off feeling like there has to be more out there, like we are just dealing with more of the same thing and there needs to be a change in our routines, some may be feeling like its time to change things up and do different things and meet new people, we are ready to see what else is out there. We have the inner understanding that we have been through so many things and we have a lot to offer, we are ready to receive the same quality of time and devotion as we give. Some may be feeling like we are ready to put ourselves out there and be seen, we are feeling fiery and bold.

If things have been feeling boring and mundane now is a good time to get out of your rut and spend time with friends in recreational activities that bring you pleasure and/or amusement, it can even be something as simple as a car ride with a close friend or loved one, something to get you out of your humdrum routine.