Weekend Collective Reading-Full Moon in LEO

Stop messing around.

Strength/ Justice/ The Star

We got all major arcana this weekend, it’s serious energy, it means we need to take things seriously and with purpose. We need to ask ourselves if what we are doing is true to ourselves? Fair to us? Do we believe in what we are doing?

This weekend is not the time to sit on your laurels, some of us need to get back on track with our hearts calling. We may have gotten sidetracked with the daily grind and just focused on smaller things that don’t really get you where you want to be; but its time to get up and get back on your path. Use your talents and resources to help guide you in the right direction, you are not meant to waste away your talents and dreams.

Some signs that you may have lost your way are that you are bored, too contemplative or feeling like you should be somewhere else. Pay attention to the signs, opportunities will be presenting themselves, someone might say something that is aligned with what you need or where you want to be, say something, ask the questions you want to ask, accept that invitation because it might be just what you needed to light you up again. Get moving.

Weekend mantra “I forgive and let go with loving ease.” -from The Moon Deck card #15