February Tarot-scopes


During this month you will be feeling the shift in your life, it is like an awakening, it is time to show your true self to the world, you don’t need to continue to carry the weight of past experiences on your back, let your experiences be your strengths and not your burdens.

You are a person that has a lot of creative energy, there are so many projects that you would like to start, but lately you cant seem to make up your mind on when to start it up, maybe you have too many ideas and don’t know which way to go, pick the one that motivates you the most and start there, maybe just right down your other ideas and come back to them at another time, but for now it might be easier to just focus on one project and see it through. You might be worried about competition, there will always be other people that want do do what you do or similar things to what you do, remember that there is only one you and you alone have your knowledge and experience, nobody can offer what you offer.

Remember that things take time, if something that you have been working on still isn’t where you want it to be just give it more time, continue to work it, don’t rush the process.


This month has you bringing people together, either in work or socially, but people are turning to you to lead the way, you are seen as an example they want to follow, and you don’t take that lightly, you are very self aware and you aren’t doing things without purpose.

You might notice someone paying extra attention to you and it will make you very uneasy, you might initially think that they are out to get you in a sense and you might even be tempted to say something to them or to someone else, you will discover that they actually want to see how you do the things and offer you some help or they might want your feedback on something, it wont be as bad a s you think. You might be teaching someone new the ropes at your job.

For some of you, you might be deciding to make a commitment on a project or maybe with another person.


You guys will be meeting someone new this month, someone younger and it will be very unexpected, you might meet this person at a family event or in an open space where there are a lot of people. It looks like at first you are just enjoying each others company you quickly develop a bond with this person.

For others of you it looks like there could be an addition to the family and it will be an unexpected happy surprise!

Whichever your situation was prior to this month, it looks like things are about to change and very quickly for you, a period of waiting and confusion is coming to an end and you are getting the satisfaction and fulfillment that you have sacrificed yourself for.


This is a very lucky month for you, it seems like whatever you ask for you will get, if you apply for a new jof or a raise, you are likely to get it, for some; at the very least you will be offered the terms of this new position to start or take effect one to two months from now.

For some there is a woman who is offering to help you grow into the position you are interested in, take it one day at a time and try not to rush, rushing may be seen as inappropriate or unfavorable.

It is also a good month to pay extra attention to your appearance, make sure you look good and ‘dress the part’, people are noticing you.


This is a month of clarity and forward movement, its a time to socialize and have fun Leo, its also time to let go of past disillusionment and trust more in your intuition.

This new phase that you are entering is bringing you to new heights, more freedom, more stability and restorative times.

You might receive some news this month that will clear up a lot of things for you, this could come from an indirect source, someone just mentions something and suddenly everything makes sense to you, it could be regarding your inner circle, its not anything bad but it will actually help put you in the direction you need to go.


This month is about speaking up, there is something that you have been keeping to your self and now you have to communicate it, it could be a plan a of yours that you have not told someone because you don’t know if they would understand your perspective, but it will be well received, you’ll actually realize that your friends and family even volunteer to help you in whatever you may need. You have more support than you realize.

You may need to compromise with your friends or family, about how to best approach a task, you probably have already envisioned how something will go but you could be surprised how well it turns out if you are more flexible with your friends/partner’s ideas.


This month you will be considering committing yourself to a new project, whether you are employed or if its your own business, someone is reaching out to you to collaborate and possibly make an investment, you might need to seek professional advise in this matter. It looks like it may be something that you had thought about doing before and for one reason or another it didn’t happen and now you are getting another opportunity to go through with it, take your time in this decision, its not something you would want to rush as you want to make sure you get all the details and terms clear before you agree to it.


You might have been holding back on something or withholding information and you’re ready come out and say what has been on your mind; this could involve walking away from something and some people may not have seen this coming. The path ahead is not going to be easy but its the new beginning that you want and it will allow you to live more peacefully.

For others you will receive communication that will require you to travel to settle the details of a contract. By the end of the month you are feeling less fatigued, you might also be meeting someone new while you are away who you will be starting something with, this could be friendship for some and romantic for others.


It is a month to drop a lot of things that have been holding you back or slowing you down so you can progress.

For you its a month of flowing and enjoyment, you may have been overthinking, or trying to manage too many things at the same time, remember that people are free to go about their business as they wish, all you can do is put your put your options on the table and whoever is on board with you will show up.

Someone might invite you out to join them and their peers, it could be a group of people new to you which have very different experiences as you, you will learn a lot from these people.


This month its all starting to move forward for you, you’ve been through a restless period in which things just weren’t turning out the way you wanted them too, keep pushing forward because you are about to reap your rewards, things are beginning to fall into place and set themselves right.

It’s also possible that you will receive news regarding a matter that you thought was over and now you can revisit this and make corrections. This could involve you going on a short drive to meet with a group of people where you can discuss your terms, its about getting whats fair for you.


You will be very busy and energetic this month, make sure that you are prioritizing your to-do list or you might end up juggling too many things, it looks like you will be getting getting help or making connections with people that will provide you with the resources you have been wanting.

Make sure that you are taking some time off also to rest and spend time at home, it looks like you might have some people at home that also want to spend some quality time with you. Towards the end of the month you will be receiving an invitation, someone wants to meet with you so make sure you check all your emails and text messages.


This month you are spending a lot more one on one time with your peers, it looks like your group might have accomplished a project and you are celebrating and just enjoying the moment, someone might approach you or your group to try and get information out of you, it might not be with malicious intent but be aware that someone may not be good at communicating what they want from you.

There could be an argument with someone who doesn’t know how to express themselves or their needs/expectations, and things might quickly escalate, take a breather and give it a minute for things to cool off, it doesn’t look like there is any ill will, someone just needs to be more direct instead of beating around the bush. Things will work out for you with this person.

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