Week Ahead Tarotscopes 1/28-2/3


Knight of Wands/6 of swords/Queen of Wands

Starting with this weekend, you may get an unexpected visit from an old friend that you haven’t seen for while, this person may live at a distance or may travel a lot and they will have a proposition for you or may want to make amends with you, for some of you this may be at a gathering with friends and this person makes a surprise appearance which makes everyone around very happy.

Towards the beginning of the week it seems that you will be ready to get down to business, you may have been thinking about starting a creative project that will take up some of your time and money, its possible that some of your relatives or friends were not entirely supportive but have recently come around and gotten on board with you which reignites your drive to get it restarted.

By the end of the week you seem to be feeling a lot more energized than you were in the beginning of the week, you are feeling confident in the direction that you have set your intentions and ideas are brewing. You may be getting the green light regarding your project, someone is lending some very helpful feedback or information to help you in this project, perhaps a sponsor or mentor.


4 of cups/ 3 of swords/ Ace of Pentacles

Starting this weekend you be contemplating a mind over heart matter, it seems as though something or someone from the past is trying to get your attention, when it comes to relationships there is always two sides to a story, you know its not always white or black, but many shades of gray 😉 Trust yourself to do what’s right for you.

In the beginning of the week, you are avoiding whatever hurt you may be feeling, and choosing to focus on the present, what you have in front of you and is more ‘realistic’, you want to see that something is really what its hyped up to be, and not something whipped out of the clouds, actions speak louder than words.

Toward the end of the week an opportunity is presented to you, you see that sign of what you have been waiting on and the reason why you rejected other offers, this is the one you wanted and may require that you make a call and/or negotiate your terms.


4 of swords/ Judgement/ 2 of cups

It seems as though this weekend you are waiting on something to happen, its something in the real world, its kind of like being in the waiting room, waiting for the baby to be born, not necessarily the case for everyone but thats the idea, there is really nothing you can do but wait and be excited because you know its good, just enjoy this moment because its part of the experience.

In the beginning of the week it is finally time…You may get a call or news that a decision has been made and its now your time to make that move, you may finally have the means to help someone close to you which could require you to travel to see them, on the other hand it could be you deciding to call someone and they could come to see you.

By the end of the week there is a union happening, a mutual understanding that things happen when they are supposed to, whatever comes through for you at this time will be worth the wait.


5 of cups/ The High Priestess/ 8 of pentacles

This weekend you are faced with the consequences of a tough choice you made recently, but in the end you know it was for the best, sometimes the right thing to do is not the easiest thing to do, reminiscing makes it harder to be upbeat and move on, try not to think so much about the past and trust that you are on the right path.

The beginning of the week sees you purging any residual emotions you may be carrying, you understand that whatever you are going through is a phase and it too will pass, you are very in tune with yourself and understand that you must gracefully ride out the waves, things will come around for you soon enough.

At the end of the week you are much more productive, you are feeling much more like yourself and are finding joy in what you are doing, this could be your actual job or maybe you have picked up an old hobby that you are passionate about, this could include you going to a workshop for something that you have been interested in, whatever it is keep at it, this is something that you are very good at and will take you places.


Knight of Cups/Page of Cups/ Page of Pentacles

This weekend will find you mingling and enjoying yourself, engaging with a few different people in lighthearted conversations, but its as if something doesn’t feel quite right, you have a vision of what you are searching for and can be a bit shortsighted, allow people to show you what they are all about, you may be pleasantly surprised.

In the beginning of the week you may be in contact with a sweet, creative new person who is possibly younger than you, their intentions seem genuine, and it looks like you both would have a lot to learn from one another, whether this turns romantic or just friendship, this person finds you extremely attractive. You could also be finding a new creative outlet that elevates your spirit and confidence.

By the end of the week you may receive communication from someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, this person may want to see you or plan a date with you, it looks like you may not be so sure what to say, try not to think about the past so much, there’s always the choice to start fresh.


The Magician/ 9 of swords/ 5 of cups

This weekend you will feel called out to say whats on your mind, you will set your cards on the table sort of speak, its something that you have been thinking and feeling, like letting someone take advantage of you and finally the last drop that spills your glass, whatever you have to say make sure you choose your words wisely.

In the beginning of the week you might be second guessing yourself wondering if you did the right thing, if all you did was stand up for yourself then there is no need to worry, remember there is a difference between speaking up for yourself and just being mean.

By the end of the week you have come to terms with what you think you have thrown away, allow for some time for the air to clear and things will work themselves out in the best way possible, sometimes you need to end something for things to shift in the right direction.


The Tower/ 4 of wands/ The Sun

This weekend you will get some news that may be uncomfortable to hear regarding someone’s home or family, and your first reaction will be to detach from it, you won’t want this to affect you personally.

Later as the week begins you will be busying yourself working on your home and workspace in an attempt to distract yourself from certain things, you are doing your part to make sure things are in order and your loved ones are take care of.

By the end of the week make sure that you are very clear with what you can and will do as you will appear to be taking a situation too lightly and it may be perceived as dishonest.


5 of cups/ Justice/ 8 of wands

This weekend you may reminisce of past disillusionment, you may have felt wronged and chose to take the high road, but it seems like something is nagging at you, if you know that you did the right thing and stood for your higher purpose then try to focus on what you can fix and nurture instead of whats been lost.

As the week begins you may come into contact with someone that will offer a new perspective or remind you of something that happened in the past which will bring you understanding and more peace of mind.

By the end of the week you feel you have more drive and purpose, you are ready to communicate your desires and make that connection or possibly ready to go on that trip that you have been thinking about.


4 of pentacles/ Knight of Cups/ 4 of swords

Why so quiet? its OK, this weekend it seems like you would rather keep to yourself and possibly save yourself some money, you have big plans in mind and would rather stay in than to go out and squander it.

In the beginning of the week you are more focused on doing the things that bring you peace and joy, self care is the theme for you, you need to focus on yourself and clear your mind which was becoming a little foggy with the daily grinds.

By the end of the week you are feeling rejuvenated and enjoying your peace and quiet, your friends might be calling you to come out and play but you have a bigger urge to continue in your self care zone and getting your beauty sleep.


7 of swords/ 8 of pentacles/ Ace of Pentacles

This weekend you might be trying to rush something that is not quite ready to yield results, don’t rush the process, instead enjoy the process, there is plenty of abundance where you are now, if you keep trying to skip a step you might miss something important.

In the beginning of the week people are acknowledging your hard work at a distance and might be thinking of your potential, don’t slack too much, people are noticing.

By the end of the week you are given an opportunity to move up in your field of work or other area of your life, pay attention because it could bring in more money, gains & status.


Knight of Cups/ The Fool/ King of Swords

This weekend you are ready to see whats out there, if you have been feeling like nothing exciting is happening your are happy to take the initiative, you might be signing up on a dating app or texting a few people that have caught your interest, your are definitely feeling flirty this weekend.

In the beginning of the week you might get a message by someone who is very different from you and you will be surprised that this person is interested in you because you seem like complete opposites, regardless there will be a spark between you two when you communicate, it may be someone who you never noticed before but is in your vicinity.

By the end of the week there is communication with an older person or someone who is a boss or high ranking in their life/career, they will provide you with important insights that you need to make a turn in your life/career direction, it will be a positive one.


The Moon/ Judgement/ 5 of wands

This weekend you may be confronting some inner fears that have been keeping you from moving forward, maybe some beliefs deep in your subconscious are being brought to light this weekend.

As the week begins you will be tempted to call someone and communicate your new found enlightenment, it could be someone that you have been on the outs with due to the last card in your reading…

By the end of the week you will need to approach a situation with maturity and without ill will, there is an energy of needing to be in control of a situation, let that go, its healthier and more productive to communicate and work together to achieve the same goal.

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