Ace of Cups. 10 of swords. High Priestess. The Chariot. Queen of Wands. 6 of wands.

These energies are about setting your intentions clearly, don’t stop to think about what has or could go wrong, as long as you keep going success in love and business are on your side.

Knight of Wands. The Hierophant. 8 of cups. 6 of cups. The Lovers. 5 of wands.

Meditate on what it is that you truly want; it seems as though your soul is screaming for you to listen to it, don’t compromise your happiness, sometimes all it takes is teamwork for a situation to resolve.

Magician. Knight of Coins. Temperance. 7 of cups. 7 of wands. The Moon.

Someone may be trying to persuade you to their own agenda, stand your ground until matters become clearer. If you’re thinking of reaching out to someone know that they are very exclusive about the people they let in their circle, it will take time to win them over.

3 of Swords. Ace of Wands. 4 of Wands. Palace of Coins. Ace of Coins. Page of Coins.

A blessing in disguise, something that you thought was a loss takes a turn for the better, opportunities to start a home based business. It’s the beginning of your success.

Knight of Swords. Queen of Coins. 10 of Wands. Death. Justice. The World.

Justice is served. Good karma. Weight is lifted off your shoulders, you have the opportunity to clear things up, a situation that refused to let go of you finally releases its grip and you can enjoy yourself more.

The Hermit. 9 of Swords. Knight of Cups. 8 of Coins. 5 of Cups. King of Wands.

You have had the chance to reflect on past mistakes and learned there is no use crying over spilt milk, release whatever is holding you back, you can use your lessons learned to make better choices in the future, don’t close yourself off because there is an opportunity to meet someone new and exotic who will bring much fun into your life but you will miss them if you’re not paying attention.

10 of Cups. 10 of Coins. 9 of Wands. 9 of Cups. The Fool. 2 of Swords.

Be enthusiastic about your future. It’s not the time to give up on your dreams, you may have already found it but you’re doubting its authenticity, if it feels right why not take that chance? no need to rush, but don’t ignore it.

3 of Cups. 3 of Coins. Judgement. Queen of Swords. Ace of Swords. Empress.

It’s your awakening, your life is taking off in the best way, this is a time to put in the extra effort because it will bring you favorable results. If you’re trying to conceive it will happen. People may say things to undermine your good fortune but don’t mind them.

5 of Swords. Page of Cups. 4 of Cups. King of Coins. 4 of Swords. King of Cups.

Be willing to take advice and learn from your mistakes if someone offers constructive criticism and not take it as a personal attack, you have someone near you that wants to see you grow and succeed.

2 of Wands. 2 of Cups. Page of Swords. Strength. 8 of Wands. The Devil.

Its a passionate beginning for you, you may meet someone new and the attraction will be crazy, this is the beginning of something that can potentially be long term, you’re advised to not let negative ideas or paranoia influence you, also you may notice that your happiness attracts the jealous attentions of other people, do not mind them and enjoy what you have.

Sun. 2 of Coins. 6 of Coins. Palace of Cups. The Tower. 5 of Coins.

Realization that gratitude and simplicity are the best way. If things seem to be falling apart don’t be afraid to ask for help, someone around you sees your dilemma and will lend a helping hand. You are actually being pushed toward your true purpose, something that you have always wanted to do.

7 of Coins. 6 of Swords. The Hanged Man. 4 of Coins. 8 of Swords. The Wheel.

Be open to new opportunities, sometimes we have great offers or people and we turn them away because we talked ourselves into a certain belief or idealization, new things and people are headed in your direction, be receptive to them.

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